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The MSP Cybersecurity Journey: Guiding Your Customers Toward Success


Two of our portfolio companies, DNSFilter and Huntress Labs, collaborated on a guide for Managed Service Provides that helps them guide their customers to better cybersecurity. It considers both the maturity of the customers and their budget constraints. A direct link to the 24 page "The MSP Cybersecurity Journey" PDF is located here.

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Second Front Systems Raises $6 Million to Provide Immediate Impact to National Security


Gula Tech Adventures participated in the Second Front raise of $6m, led by ARTIS Ventures. Additional investors include Kleiner Perkins, 8VC and Abstract Ventures.

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Raytheon Intelligence & Space, Boldend announce cyber ops partnership


Raytheon and Boldend have announced a cyber operation partnership and Boldend has emerged from stealth mode. Congratulations to the Boldend team on their partnership with Raytheon!

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Anti-phishing startup INKY raises $20M to ramp up enterprise adoption


Congratulations to
Inky on the close of their $20m investment led by Insight Partners. Gula Tech Adventures participated in the round. Ron Gula is looking forward to working again with Matt Gatto who served on the Tenable board.

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Thycotic Extends PAM Cloud Leadership with Acquisition of Onion ID


OnionID has been acquired by Thycotic.

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Huntress Secures $18M Investment Led By ForgePoint Capital


Congratulations to Huntress Labs on the close of their $18m investment led by Forgepoint Capital. GTA participated in this round and Ron Gula joined the Huntress Labs board.

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Koch Disruptive Technologies Leads $30M Series B Investment to Accelerate Automox's Vision of Making Corporate Endpoint and Server Infrastructure More Resilient to Cyberattacks


Automox, the cloud-native cyber hygiene platform provider, announced that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), with participation from CRV, TechOperators, and CrowdStrike, which is investing through the Falcon Fund in partnership with Accel.
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CyberQuest 2020 Judges



It is my pleasure to announce the six judges for CyberQuest 2020 who will select the winner of our $150k Gula Tech Adventures investment in the next great cyber start up.

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AppOmni, Inky and Tala Security - 2020 RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalists


Gula Tech Adventures would like to congratulate the teams at AppOmni, Inky and Tala Security for being selected as finalists at the RSA 2020 Innovation Sandbox competition. We are proud to be investors in these companies and wish them all luck in this very public and highly competitive cyber competition!

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Checkpoint Acquires Protego


Protego Labs was
acquired by Checkpoint Software to offer serverless security monitoring. Protego joins the Checkpoint CloudGuard family and monitors AWS Lambda applications and APIs for user configuration and coding security issues. Congratulations to Protego CEO Tsion Gonen. Read More…

INKY Announces Additional $6 Million in Funding Led by ClearSky


Congratulations to Inky on the close of their $6m investment led by ClearSky. Gula Tech Adventures participated in the round and Ron Gula joined the board of Inky.
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Cybrary Lands $15 Million in Series B Funding to Expand Cybersecurity Training Platform


Congratulations to Cybrary on the close of their $15m investment led by Build Group. GTA participated in this round and Ron Gula joined the Cybrary board.

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ReliaQuest Acquires Threatcare to Improve Proactive Management of Enterprise Security


ThreatCare has been acquired by ReliaQuest.

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Polarity raises $8.1M for its AI software that constantly analyzes employee screens and highlights key info


Congratulations to Polarity on the close of their $8m raise led by Tech Operators. Gula Tech Adventures participated in this round and Ron Gula joined the Polarity board.

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Netscout Aquires Eastwind Networks


NetScout acquired Eastwind Networks to integrate their security analytics and forensics of cloud telemetry (O365, Salesforce, .etc) and on-premise network traffic. Congratulations to the Eastwind Networks team and CEO Paul Kraus. Read More…

Netskope Acquires NewEdge


NewEdge's cloud first VPN which enabled secure application networking was acquired by Netskope to further extend their cloud security solutions. Congratulations to the NewEdge team and CEO David Goldschlag. Read More…

DataTribe Announces Second-Annual Cybersecurity Startup Challenge


Mike Janke, DataTribe CEO, Speaking at the 2019 Baltimore Tech10 Event

Last year, I was very happy to attend
DataTribe's first annual Cybersecurity Startup Challenge. It was great to see Prevailion, InertialSense and Cyr3con all pitch and demo their solutions. DataTribe just announced their second annual Cybersecurity Startup Challenge and I took the opportunity to ask DataTribe CEO, Mike Janke, to share tips for entrepreneurs applying to this year's event.

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Tala Security Series A


Congratulations to Tala Security on the close of their $9m series A raise led by Tech Operators.

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Baltimore software startup TrackOFF purchased by global cybersecurity firm


Avast acquired TrackOff to offer PC, Mac and mobile solutions that enables consumers to see who is tracking them online and prevent personal information from being collected. Congratulations to co-founders Chandler Givens and Ryan Flach. Read More…

Cybrary Grows to 2 Million Users

Earlier this week, Cybrary announced they had grown their user base to more than 2 million users. Cybrary is a platform that offers a wide variety of free cyber security training for new and experienced information security professionals. It also is a community where you can become an instructor, learn about a variety of cyber vendors and open source cyber technology and potentially find your next job.

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Protego Introduces Damn Vulnerable Serverless App

A few weeks ago, Protego released an open source project called the Damn Vulnerable Serverless App. The project was donated to OWASP and can be used by anyone to research, teach and test security issues associated serverless computing.
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Instant Evaluations and Community Editions

Everyone likes free stuff and if you are in cyber, you like to test and play with different types of technology without having to speak with a sales team. It helps teach us new skills and identify new solutions for $DAYJOB. Many of the companies we’ve invested in offer free evaluations and community editions and we’ve listed them below.
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Automox closes on $9 million Series A


Congratulations to Automox on the close of their $9m investment led by Tech Operators.

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Cybrary Reaches 1,000,000 Users


Cybrary’s Millionth User Party — May 11th, 2017

Cybrary is a free and open source cyber security learning platform that I constantly recommend to anyone wanting to learn cyber security or build a team of cyber security experts. This includes anyone from high school kids who want to learn about a potential career, veterans transitioning out of the military, service providers who want to offer cyber services and well funded institutions who need to grow the next generation of cyber leadership for the SOCs, audit and hunt teams.

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