Gula Tech Adventures was founded by Ron and Cyndi Gula to support next generation cyber technology and cyber policy.

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We are actively involved as investors and board members with more than 30 cyber companies and funds and support several cyber programs, non-profits and think tanks.

Scythe Continuous
Red Team Automation

Scythe is a platform that enables blue, red & purple teams to easily build, emulate & replay real-world threat campaigns with a combination of communications & end-point capabilities

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Inky Anti-Phishing Protection

INKY is an affordable cloud-based email security platform designed to be far more than artificially intelligent. It understands email, searches for signs of fraud, and can spot imposters by a pixel.

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AutoMox Cloud-Native
Endpoint Hardening

Remediate Windows, Apple and Linux vulnerabilities 30X faster than the industry norm – and dramatically reduce your risk with simple, fast, and cloud-native endpoint hardening from Automox.

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Gravwell Ingest Everything. Any Data Rate. One Predictable Cost.

Quickly identify security issues and root causes without worrying about how much data you can ingest and keep. Monitor your security in real-time without spending time massaging data.

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Polarity Augmented Reality
for Your Desktop

Humans are good at analysis but bad at recall. Make your team smarter by giving them superhuman data awareness and recall.

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Our blog features articles about cyber policy, entrepreneur tips and interviews with our portfolio founders and Ron and Cyndi. Below are some recent posts:

Please feel free to contact us for any media, speaking or investor requests. You can also connect with Ron on LinkedIn.