Anno.AI - Cloud Based AI Training
Hosted platform that makes it painless for you to quickly curate training data


Automox - Cloud Based Patch Manager
Keep Windows, OS X and Linux system free from vulnerabilities. [Read more]


Bandura Cyber - Threat Intelligence Gateway
Blocks more than 100m IOCs increasing SOC efficiency.


Contrast Security - Runtime Application Self Protection
Stops web attacks from within the web application. [Read more]


Cybrary - Cyber Training for more than 2 Million Students!
Build your cyber training program and use it to recruit new hires. [Read more]

Department 13

Department 13 - Counter Drone Solution
Detects and prevents drone usage with non-jamming and non-kinetic techniques.


Flashpoint - Business Risk Intelligence
Leading provider of cyber threat, fraud, corporate security, physical security and insider threat intelligence


Gravwell - Large Scale Data Analytics
High performance data analytics, ideal for threat hunting and working with petabytes of data. [Read more]


Greynoise Threat Intelligence
GreyNoise is a system that collects, analyzes and labels omnidirectional Internet scan and attack activity. [Read more]


Highside - Mobile & Desktop Collaboration
More secure and scalable alternative to Slack with cloud and on-premise options


Huntress Labs - Breach Detection
Detects malicious persistence on Windows computers for MSPs and MSSPs. [Read more]


Inky - Phishing Prevention
Prevents false emails through artificial intelligence and machine learning.


NanoVMs - Unikernel Infrastructure
Run legacy and modern apps faster, safer and with less cost using single process unikernels. [Read more]

National Cyber Group

National Cyber Group - Cyber Training for 30 Million Students
In partnership with Discovery Education, operates the National Cyber Education Program to serve 30 million K-12 students and 3 million teachers. [Read more]


NewEdge - Cloud First VPN
Enable access to data-center and cloud apps without exposing Internet ports. [Read more]


OnionID - Privileged Account Management
Control and monitor IT admin activity to cloud and SaaS apps. [Read more]


PIXM - Endpoint Phishing Prevention
Eiminates phishing attacks delivered by email, social media and messaging apps with computer vision detection and prevention. [Read more]


Polarity - Augmented Reality for the Desktop
Makes cyber teams smarter with interactive heads up displays and threat intelligence enrichment. [Read more]


Protego Labs - Serverless Security
Monitor AWS Lambda applications for permission vulnerabilities and security issues. [Read more]


Racktop Systems - Software Defined Data Storage
Advanced security, encryption, monitoring and compliance controls [Read more]


Retrium - Automates Agile Retrospectives
Facilitate easy, effective and enjoyable agile retrospectives.


SecondWrite - Deep Learning Malware Analysis
Forces evasive malware to detonate through binary re-writing.


StackRox - Container Adaptive Threat Protection
Docker/DevOps security monitoring and intrusion prevention [Read more]


Scythe - Continuous Red Team Automation
Makes red teams more efficient and provides realistic blue team training. [Read more]


ThreatConnect - Threat Intel Platform
Organizes threat intel and playbooks across all security products.


Tala Security - Stops Web Browser Attacks
Reduces fraud by agentlessly preventing browser attacks. [Read more]


ThreatCare - Automated Breach Simulation
Performs benign network attack simulations [Read more]


TrackOff - Online Identity Protection
Protects your identity from data miners and ID thieves [Read more]


WhiteOps - Web Advertising Fraud Prevention
Saves advertising budget by removing botnets from web leads

Seed Funds & Start-Up Studios


DataTribe leverages deep experience & expertise to build & launch successful product companies. Portfolio companies include Dragos, Prevailion, Attila, EnVeil & ReFirm Labs.

Inner Loop Capital

Inner Loop Capital invests in Cyber Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Analytics, & Enterprise SaaS seed-stage start-ups. Portfolio companies include NS8, Terbium Labs & Virgil Security.

Historical Exits

Eastwind Networks

2018 NetScout acquired Eastwind Networks to integrate their security analytics and forensics of cloud telemetry (O365, Salesforce, .etc) and on-premise network traffic.


2017 ForcePoint acquired RedOwl to integrate their UEBA technology to deliver holistic views of cyber behaviors


2014 Cisco acquired ThreatGrid to integrate their dynamic malware analysis & threat intelligence technology with Cisco AMP