Cyber Hygiene

Cloud Based Patch Manager
Easily keep Windows, OS X & Linux up to date
LAN Attack Surface Reduction
Stops internal network recon & lateral movement without agents
Enterprise Cyber Training
Manage all of your team’s cyber training & certifications
Counter Drone Solution
Prevents drones from spying on your facilities, employees & WiFi

Secure Collaboration
Leverage blockchain for secure messaging & file sharing
Secure Internet Voice
Enterprise grade mobile secure voice solution that sounds great
Cloud First VPN
Enables access to internal applications without exposing any Internet ports
Privileged Account Management
Control & monitor IT administrator activity

Compliant Data Storage
Multiple layers of data protection & monitoring
Online Identity Protection
Protects your identity & assets from data miners & ID thieves

Threat Management

Threat Intelligence Gateway
Blocks more than 100m IOCs increasing SOC efficiency
Network Breach Detection
Forensic collection of SaaS APIs & network meta data
Business Risk Intelligence
Market leading commercial threat intelligence provider
Large Scale Data Analytics
High performance alternative to Splunk & Elastic

Endpoint Breach Detection
Detects malicious persistence on Windows computers
Endpoint Phishing Prevention
Identifies phishing attacks on top brands with computer vision
SOC Heads Up Display
Desktop IOC augmentation through computer vision
Evasive Malware Sandbox
Forces evasive malware to detonate through binary re-writing

Automated Breach Simulation
Performs benign network & system attack simulations
Threat Intel Platform
Organizes & manages IOCs across all security products

Web Security

Runtime Application Self Protection
Stops known & unknown web attacks from within Web Apps
Container Adaptive Threat Protection
Docker/DevOps security monitoring & intrusion prevention
Stops Web Browser Attacks
Agentless web layer attack protection for PCs & mobile devices
Web Advertising Fraud Prevention
Saves advertising budget by removing botnets from web leads